SQL Server Optimize and Automate

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Managing SQL Server in your Amtelco call center can be daunting - especially if you don't have IT staff or an MSP to regularly keep it in good shape.

We've been able to help a wide array of companies who utilize Amtelco Infinity and/or Intelligent Series applications to optimize their databases and automate that maintenance to keep applications running smoothly.

The optimization process is pretty straightforward:

  • Review your SQL server infrastructure and servers
  • Analyze database fragmentation and logs
  • Rebuild and/or reorganize database indexes
  • Automate ongoing index re-organization and rebuilds
  • Configure IS System Shared Fields for database connections
  • Navigate application-specific impacts along the way

You can also opt to include archival and purging of your Amtelco databases to match your organization's data retention policy - Archive and Purge includes SQL optimization above, plus

  • Report your SQL databases, sizes, and data retention
  • Ensure appropriate data and log file backups are in place
  • Optimize database growth settings for your environment
  • One-time archive and purge to reduce database sizes
  • Training on monitoring database performance and growth

Going through these steps in your environment will yield improvements under most normal circumstances. Your SQL server(s) should be running, available on the network, and responding to normal user queries.

If your system is currently unusable, please contact us to discuss options first.