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Intelligent Series Script - Post message to Slack channel

Call Theory

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 This is an Amtelco Intelligent Series script and can only be used in Amtelco systems. 

New: Check out our YouTube video showcasing script capabilities!

Requires IS 5.4+ (The WebService API element must support custom headers)

This script lets you pragmatically create and post messages into a specified Slack channel within your organization. You can also leverage script inputs to fill in fields (although be careful to avoid abuse/accidental spam.)

Supported features:

  • Post markdown (bold, italic, strikethrough, links, etc.) for beautiful messages
  • Use your Slack Apps icon and name, or override it for individual submissions
  • Include a button that opens a website in your Slack message
  • Support for Emojis (critical feature in my opinion)

Use this in Mergecomm to send automated notifications (customized to its purpose, like server downs with :bomb: or 100 QA score :hearts:

You can also use it to integrate critical scripting actions to Slack (like supervisor escalations, client-specific workflow notifications, and anything else you can think of.)

The integration requires you to create a Slack App, give it permissions for chat:write, chat:write:public, and chat:write:customize in order to support all features of the integration.

Once your Slack app is created, deploy it in your organizations workspace and obtain the Bot OAuth API token (with above permissions) to use in the script.

Instructions and information built into script through Comments script element, in addition to an included PDF. 

What's included?

  • MergeComm scripting for central handling of Slack messages
  • Stand-Alone Action Group for those without MergeComm
  • Documentation

6 examples pre-scripted:

  • Send a simple message
  • How to handle failed submissions (error handling)
  • Setting your bot's icon/name
  • Adding a click-able button to your message
  • The kitchen sink (all in one example)
  • MergeComm scripting for a central account

We also offer a paid installation option - we can teach you how to set it up and test it with you, or you can let us handle everything and get it up and running for you. 

Immediately available after purchase as a digital download.

No refunds are allowed on digital products. 

Amtelco, Intelligent Series, and similar names are trademark of Amtelco.

Slack is trademark Slack.