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Flip the phone digital poster

Call Theory

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Before my mom made the jump to a smart phone (which she now loves) she used "Flip" - and referred to him as a person! The running joke was we treated Flip as either a child she had to take care of so we would scold her if she didn't have it on her. 

It was a great training cell phone to get her used to calling/texting (instead of stopping at random pay phones like she's been known to do.)

So this is my ode to Flip, the phone, who helped get my mom into the 21st century!

High-resolution PNG, JPG, and PDF prints of poster for download. Suitable for printing on sizes up to 24 in. x 36 in.

Included files:

JPEG: 5184px by 6912px
PNG:   5184px by 6912px
PDF vector printfile

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