Contract Services

Call Theory

Regular price $1,000.00

Our primary subscription support offering, Call Theory, isn't for everyone. If subscriptions aren't your thing (even though it's crazy easy to start/stop as you need help) you can purchase 8-hour or 40-hour blocks of contract services that are good for up to a year.

The 8-hour blocks break down to $125/hr

The 40-hour blocks break down to $100/hr.  

Contract services consists of just about any technical work you may require for your Amtelco or standards-based call center:

  • Server or application support
  • Infrastructure, network, and/or telecom
  • Call scripting and integrations
  • Custom application or web development

Contract services are not for emergencies: you will need to schedule your 8-hours ahead of time with me. Immediate assistance is available at no additional cost (subject to availability) but cannot be used after normal business hours, on holidays, or on weekends. 

Call Theory, my support subscription service for call centers, gives you a 50% discount on hours and has a plan that includes emergency support if you need it. Please consider subscribing for a more personal support experience, especially if you're Amtelco-based (my specialty!)