Client appreciation cards

Call Theory

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Show your clients how much you appreciate them by sending them a handwritten message! The cards showcase a wide range of industries that we're all thankful for including healthcare, education, logistics, customer service, police, fire, transportation, and food! 

Remember, don't include any promotional or marketing material! Your're appreciation and thoughtfulness is enough to promote your brand indirectly!

You can even involve your employees by giving them time to write messages to your clients! 15-20 minutes every once in a while will help build strong relationships between your employees, clients, and business! A win-win-win scenario. 

The card is printed on a bright white, quality card-stock with a matte finish.

There are 8 cards and 8 envelopes in each order.

The card can be used vertically or horizontal - just flip over the card to choose between the two orientations. The inside is white on both sides so you can place and customize your message as you see fit.