Call center agents are heroes appreciation cards

Call Theory

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Show your call center and answering service employees that you appreciate them!  It's hard to get across - but a personalized card is always a good start.

You'll send them a clear message: You are  phone-omenal

Craft a handwritten note to your employees for the extra personal touch! Add stickers, gift cards, or other goodies to take it over the top.

Just whatever you do -  always remember: your agents are heroes!

Make sure they know it! 

Beautiful gloss shine finish make the custom design (you won't find this anywhere else) and colors really stand out! Strong, quality cards printed on 350 gsm (g/m2) premium card stock. 

Pack contains:

  • 25 appreciation cards (7" x 5")
  • 25 white envelopes
  • A whole lot of good vibes

The Include Stamps variant, includes USPS First-Class Forever Stamp ($0.55) on each envelope so you're ready to go when they arrive!

We charge $0.25 ($0.01/envelope) to affix the postage and the postage is at cost ($0.55) for an additional fee of $14.00 on top of the $25.00 base price. 

All stamps are affixed to the envelopes. If you need to purchase stamps for other purposes, please head to, your grocery store (ask the clerk as you checkout) or your local US Post Office.