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Be a hero wear a mask decal

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The CDC has updated information on wearing face masks while opening up economies and communities to reduce the spread of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 - namely, it's a good idea to wear them. 

This is primarily a measure that reduces the amount of respiratory droplets the mask wearer would otherwise spread without any protection. When we all wear our masks, in conjunction with physical distancing (social distancing) and hand-washing, we can reduce the risk from exposure of contracting the coronavirus. 

Save lives. Be a hero. Wear a mask. It's what batman would do. 

Giant 6" square (6" x 6") decal available in a variety of formats to meet your needs. 

Available as a sticker, static cling for glass surfaces, front-adhesive sticker for placing on the inside of windows, magnets for fridges and metal surfaces, and a removable wall graphic for finished walls

  • Static Cling - 6" square
  • Square Sticker - 6" square
  • Front-Adhesive Sticker - 6" square
  • Magnet - 6" square
  • Wall Graphic - 6" square

Static clings are primarily meant for use on glass surfaces and do not require adhesive. Stickers are high-quality back-adhesive square cut stickers for use on clean dry surfaces. Front-adhesive stickers are great for placing on the inside of exterior windows to avoid the elements. Magnets stick to your fridges and metal cabinets with ease. Wall graphics are removable and can be placed on any finished wall surface (painted drywall, wall-paper, etc.) and nicely blends into your wall.