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SMS Aggregator Setup

Call Theory

Regular price $300.00

Ready to get started with our open source WCTP gateway to provide SMS aggregator services for your Amtelco-powered call center?

While it's 100% free to download and setup on your own, if you don't have a technical person capable of doing so we can still help get you up and running!

We currently can support setup in any virtual services provider that supports Ubuntu Linux VMs (which is almost anywhere.) 

What we'll help you do:

  • Choose a hosting provider, like Amazon AWS or your local servers
  • Configure the operating system and install the application
  • Provision a new Twilio account (or sub-account)
  • If you use ThinQ, we'll help you setup the API key for SMS
  • Setup TLS and configure the connection to your Amtelco system
  • Setup IS SMS and inbound WCTP within Amtelco
  • Test inbound and outbound SMS
  • Train your point of contact(s) on general usage
  • Provide documentation to perform ongoing updates
  • 2-weeks support provided

For an additional subscription, we also offer ongoing managed code updates and managed hosting as alternatives to self-hosting.  Please contact us if you're interested in these options.